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Principal's Message

I believe education is a continuous process. Most of us have around 22 year of collegian and the rest of our life is for learning. Knowledge is inherited in every human being. No knowledge comes from outside, it is all inside. All knowledge that the world has ever received came from the mind, the infinite literacy of the universe is in our mind. Education can we divided into two parts- one that teaches a person to make  living and other, which teaches him/her how to live education and social demands have changed since globalization.

Hence, our Central and Governments are striving to improve education methods, strategies & ways & means to educate masses. Only by the education we can build a better tomorrow.

                        Our nation’s greatness is not only measured by its Parliamentary institutions and activities, but also by the greatness of its citizens. But the greatest of citizens is not only possible through their moral and spiritual developments which education should faster. Man making education is that education by which character is formed, the intellect is expanding and by which one can stand on. Once own feet. Today our world is beset with terrorism, fundamentalism, secessionism, violence etc. It is through education, we educators have to open the minds and hearts of young towards the path of good value which would lead them to be a person of good and noble character, in calculating in them tolerance, understating, social graces, creativity, sensitivity, courage ability to live together and ability to resolve problems.

                        “Values are caught not taught.” Is famous saying, teacher who is courteous and prompt, enthusiastic, innovative, controlled, patient and organized providing examples for their student through their own behavior. Hence, I appeal to my entire faculty members to teach the students how to in calculating human qualities of head and heart, making them human and humane and thus make own country and the world a better and safer place to live in.

                        To conclude, let our education to move from knowledge to wisdom, from competition to co-operation, from division to unity and finally from how to make a living to how to live.

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